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As a staunch fiscal conservative, I will fight to make sure that every dollar spent of your taxpayer money by our state government is done responsibly or returned to you.

I also will continue to support tax cuts similar to those passed by legislative Republicans this session and continue exploring ways we can reduce the tax burdens around the state. Families and businesses should be able to keep more of their money as I believe you know how to spend it best especially during record inflation.

I also support the elimination of the state income tax. Nine states currently are income-tax free, including Texas and Florida. Both of those states have seen tremendous growth the past decade, and I want to replicate their success here. 

Here are some of the tax cut bills I supported this past session:


Life is precious. I’ll be the voice for the unborn and fight for their right to life as the left continues to push for full term abortion. I am proud to support the following pro-life legislation this past session:


As a product of the Fox Valley education system, I know that we have some of the best teachers and professors in the country right here. I will continue advocating for our public and private education systems throughout our communities. 

I also believe that each parent, regardless of their income, has the right to educate their kids in the way they best see fit. Whether this is through homeschooling, the school choice program, or public education, each child deserves the best quality education suited for their needs.


I am a firm believer in people keeping medical decisions between themselves and their doctor. Government is not here to dictate lives or livelihoods, nor should that be the case in the healthcare field. 

I believe we have a tremendous untapped opportunity for independent practices to deliver more competition in the healthcare field. By fostering healthy competition between these practices to mid-range and large health systems, we can see prices begin to fall.

Price transparency is another huge step we need to take. Though I understand not all medical procedures are easy to put a price tag on, people deserve easy access to see what basic inpatient and outpatient procedures can cost. Thanks to the “No Surprises Act”, this has started to occur in healthcare systems across the country. However, this does not mean pricing is easily accessible. Many systems use overly-complicated downloads to access these prices, and I want to change that.


I will always support and defend our local police departments. They discharge their duties with the utmost integrity and honor. Like so many, I have family members serving in law enforcement, and know the sacrifices they endure every day.

This does not mean our criminal justice system is perfect. I am in favor of offering more extensive rehabilitation services and offering job training opportunities for non-violent offenders. This system should be based on reforming the individual to become a productive member of society, not a recurring offender. 

I’ve seen first hand the impact of reforms in states like Indiana through the “Second Chance Act” to provide those same reformed non-violent offenders with opportunities beyond their confinement. I believe we have an opportunity to replicate this in Wisconsin.

I support measures similar to Senate Bill 160 that was signed into law last year. This expanded basic requirements for insurance companies to follow related to cybersecurity, and I believe this can be extended to other areas of our infrastructure.


Though the government should not be overburdening companies with stringent regulations, providing a baseline to protect our data is crucial.

I also support boosting incentives for cybersecurity awareness and education.

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